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Is your workplace ready for the future? SGH’s Envision design strategy gets you there.

We are all experiencing change and the impact it is having on our office spaces. For some, a wait and see approach with minor adjustments to increase collaboration and focus is realistic. Others are embracing the hybrid work model but need to adjust existing space to support an increase in connecting remotely. SGH continues to work with valued clients who have made transformational shifts to agile, activity-based workplaces and our envision toolkit was highly effective in moving them through this process.

Regardless of where you sit on this sliding scale, the desire to provide an inspiring workplace that supports your people is still as relevant as it ever was, perhaps even more. SGH have been transforming workplaces for 35 years and design strategy has always been the key to our approach and success.


Design Strategy prepares your space for ongoing change.

TIER ONE – Planning for NOW:
SGH meet with you to review expectations, see your existing space, and uncover key objectives and drivers. Through space use analysis, test fits and thought starters we present clear visual solutions that champion your internal decision-making process.

In continuum to Tier One, Tier Two kicks off with an interactive workshop that ushers in critical information. This important session encourages open conversation with leadership regarding workplace must haves, culture + brand, long view goals, and building a defined set of guiding principles.

TIER THREE – Planning for the FUTURE
Transformational change is more successful when you engage those it will most impact. Tier Three includes reaching out to stakeholders, managers and employees through surveys, questionnaires, and interactive workshops. The results create a strategic framework and communication strategy that will drive your project forward in a positive inclusive direction.

Envision Strategy is upfront planning to ensure the very best outcome. As design thinkers, we provide an engaging experience to get to the core of what you need your workplace do specifically for you. Leaders know that the best results are achieved when you envision where you need to go, determine the best way to get there and understand how the cost behind it. It tests options so that you can select the best choice and move forward with a thorough understanding and confidence in your decision.

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