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Colliers Halifax

Colliers Project Leaders were looking to move offices within the same building at their Halifax location gaining a more efficient space with options for collaboration. SGH worked alongside Colliers to provide guidance and knowledge on trends in office design and agile working in order to design and develop the new office.

Taking place over the course of the Pandemic, SGH provided two space plans. The first showing a 50% occupancy based on COVID restrictions, and a 100% occupied space based off the functional program provided by Colliers. Finishes, modular walls, and furniture were to align with brand standards.

Due to the tight schedule and COVID pandemic a Construction Manager was bought on board by Colliers in order to aid in schedules, budgeting, and a timely construction period.

Acting as Prime Consultant SGH was able to have more direct lines of communication with consultants. Clear, concise communication was key during construction in order to meet all deadlines.

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