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Why it matters in workplace design.

There is no doubting the strong emotional connection we as humans carry with colour. Colour has the ability to make us feel, conjure the simplest of memories or bring forth a fleet of emotion. It has the power to boost your mood, and when used properly in a workplace it can increase productivity among those using the space. For example, take a small closed in office, by implementing strategic colour, effectively throughout the space you are able to breathe life to that space. This, in turn has the capability to give the elution of a more open and welcoming office. With careful selection of colour the number of harmful or negative effects is reduced. These common effects include: glare, poor lighting and visibility, low motivation and low productivity. Colour can transform these negatives into positives, and boost energy levels in members of staff, increase concentration, and promote socialization.


Implementing a point of connection to ground or creating a focal point is vital when strategically designing an office space. Large open spaces can occasionally feel daunting, especially when keeping a neutral palette, which is why this focal area is so important. A vibrant focus utilizing colour creates a strong statement in a space. Many companies will use these points as an opportunity to connect with their consumer. Describing their brand, showcasing their product, even their company values. These elements use a careful selection of colours to ensure the companies brands is prominent.


Deliberately highlighting workspaces in contrasting color schemes is another useful design tool to create wayfinding in large office environments. Small visible meeting enclaves, hallways and corridors are just a few great examples.


Certain colors have a natural connotation: an earthy green, for example, is a connection to the ground and encourages a calming sensation within its surroundings. It evokes a connection to nature. Green is a colour frequently used in break out areas, or spaces where employees can ‘escape’ from their day to day tasks and have a moment to pause. Besides the literal use of this color, we have seen an ongoing trend of incorporating plants and the illusion of greenspace into office design, which has been shown to increase and boost office morale and productivity.

There are many creative ways to transform a space. Colour is just one of these great tools that can be an effective and very powerful when used properly in workplace design. If you are thinking of redesigning your office and are looking for a little inspiration don’t overlook the psychology of colour.