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Ipsos is a is a multinational market research and consulting firm who retained SGH Design Partners in the early stages of their contemplation of relocating to a new office space or staying and renovating their current location to better suite their desire for a more collaborative work environment.

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After an extensive evaluation, the decision was made to proceed with a renovation of their existing Toronto office, which spanned over two floors at totaled 45,000 sq. ft.

Best Interior Decorator in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver

The goal was to create a new space that encouraged collaboration between the various teams that work from this Toronto location. Completed in two phases of construction, the full renovation included a complete re-design of their space. The reception area is now bright and welcoming and is home to a beautiful art installation.

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A large café and lunchroom have been incorporated to foster connection amongst the teams. The workspace and offices transitioned from closed perimeter office space to a benching system where teams can openly work together. Their new space is a state-of-the-art workplace that met their budget and exceeded their expectations.

Top Interior Design Services Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax

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