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New year new space?

Three reasons why it may be time to re-imagine your office space


Have you experienced substantial growth?  Now may be the time to consider updating your space to accommodate your new and growing needs.  SGH works with many clients prior to lease negotiations to ensure the most efficient use of space that best supports how you will work now and into the future.  Location, budget, program analysis, design, furniture, and technology all play a critical role in the overall success.  Strategic design drives your project forward with clear goals before the lease is signed.


Have your workplace needs shifted and you’re finding they no longer accommodate the needs of your team?  Through our envisioning process, SGH will guide you with confidence in establishing your programmatic requirements, team needs, and workplace cultural expectations.  From there we can design and develop a space that is tailored to your functional needs and company culture.  We understand your workplace is an extension of your mission, values and culture.  It connects people and place.  SGH brings incredible value through years of experience, research and strategy.  We look at all the critical details to ensure the result provides you and your people the very best experience.  As workplaces continue to evolve, design continues to be a catalyst for great opportunities.

Reducing Space

Have you recently reduced your footprint and are looking to adjust your space to fit your new needs?  SGH can assist in space planning and test-fitting, helping to guide you on how to best utilize your space to accommodate these changes.  SGH is here to support you.  We start by understanding your existing and new needs to build a foundation that allows for a seamless transition from design to implementation.

Have a question about how SGH can help you in the pre-lease stage. Contact us today!

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