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Our approach to navigating through change continues to focus on the human experience. Many organizations are now evaluating established standards, existing real estate commitments and looking to develop sound design and planning strategies to envision workplaces that meet needs today and into the future.

SGH has developed a three-tier starting gate that allows you to set the pace:

Interior Design Services in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax by SGH Design Partners

ONE: Planning for NOW

  1. Review existing plan and understand specific impacts of change
  2. Examine occupancy changes, shifts, sharing and adapting cost effectively
  3. Return to work strategies that provide cohesive, positive messaging
  4. Bring people back to the workplace with peace of mind.

TWO: Planning for TRANSITION

  1. Review existing standards in place and examine new work settings
  2. Examine integration of technology for both focus and collaboration
  3. Integrate agile and flexible work settings within existing structures
  4. Review real estate strategies through test fits, cost analysis and workshops

THREE: Planning for the FUTURE

  1. Visioning / envision sessions to determine reworking existing space
  2. Integrate agile and flexible work settings
  3. Review real estate strategy and test fit options

Top Interior Design Services in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver by SGH Design Partners

SGH has done our research, utilizing surveys, studies, conversations with industry and business leaders, clients, manufacturers, and colleagues. We have the tools, technology and ability to connect which has made working from anywhere truly possible. The office does and will continue to play a significant role in gathering teams, sharing purpose, driving innovation, meeting, socializing and providing ideal work settings that support both focus and collaborative work.

To remain competitive, retract and retain talent, and continue to face change bravely is key to successfully navigating change. SGH has been working to transform workplace for 33 years and designing for change is what we do best.

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