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AS CANADA’S leading entrepreneurial and transactional business law firm, this company is committed to achieving a pioneering force for legal practice innovation. A bright, func­tionally efficient office that would resonate with their client base and employees while maintaining a strong design identity was imminent. The new design would meet all functional requirements and maintain a ‘wow factor’ all while staying on budget. This space needed to support a seamless connection between lawyers and clients across the three floors of their space.

While working as a trusted advisor for a client during the real estate review process, it was decided that they would stay in their current office space and renovate. The full three floors underwent extensive renovations that modernized the office inro a playful, yet sophisticated space. The 8th floor is client­ facing, dedicated to meetings and events, and designed to make a lasting impression. When arriving on the reception floor, guests are greeted by a bright open space filled with light and texture that has been created by the sharp angles of the reception desk, which contrast the soft colour palette.

Dark finishes and small collaborative space that represented this law firm now transformed into a modern layout with a colourful palette. Designed for efficiency, each of the three floors serves multiple purposes while creating smooth traffic flow. A variety of furniture solutions were planned for each floor to encourage employees to move to different working environments throughout their day.

Private meeting rooms surrounded by glazing flank both sides of the reception, creating a transparency that’s incredibly unique within legal firms. Ceiling treatments provide variety and animation to the event space, as well as an illuminated light wall that runs along the length of the reception.

The 9th and 10th floors are connected by a sculpture-like staircase, allowing lawyers to connect seamlessly and privately between the floors. From your first steps out of the elevator, you are instantly greeted by an energetic reception and servery area designed to encourage conversation. A radiant and transparent office atmosphere brings connection to the space.

The design concept’s focus was to revolutionize the way lawyers work. Moving away from conventional law firms that have closed office spaces and of less colorful aesthetic, the renovated office has been transformed into a bright, transparent and collaborative workplace. Creating a modern trans­lation of the existing office highlighted the entrepreneurial culture of the firm. Textures layered with colour and paired with bright, modern finishes reshaped the three floors into a dynamic space that the client could call home.



SGH Design Partners is a privately owned corporation in the province of Ontario, Canada, Owned by Monika Sarkisian and John Tanfield . The Firm’s primary sector of design activity Workplace Design (Office Design) Services for Legal, Professional Services, Financial Services, Technology and Consumer Brand. The firm has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax.

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