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For over 32 years SGH has been delivering transformative business environments and unparalleled service. SGH specializes in “Workplace Design Solutions”. 100% Canadian, SGH is based with a head office in Toronto, Ontario. The Halifax, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, British Columbia offices have allowed SGH to grow our national portfolio.

The studio compliment of 30 talented designers is ideally sized to respond to projects of all scales and complexities. A hallmark of SGH’s work is the level of personal attention and involvement of the leadership team in all projects. Clients value the agility of the SGH design team and their ability to respond to schedule and budget challenges with fresh and innovative solutions.

SGH is well versed and trained in international trends and are able to incorporate that knowledge into our design development. Our studio is based on innovative thinking, collaborative approaches supported by an open environment allowing creativity to reach its highest levels. All under one central umbrella, we are developing and building solutions with strong branded identities for our clients.

The three offices position SGH to service clients efficiently from coast to coast.



A Specialist in Workplace Design, Canadian, Privately owned and National.

SGH is a sought-after, Canada-wide design firm partnering with sophisticated clients. Our exceptional studio talent provides quality of service and creative solutions to workplace design that embodies the unique identity of each client.


  • Provide creative design solutions and services that are disciplined in delivery to achieve exceptional results.
  • Exceed client’s expectations by continuously building the expertise and leadership of our studio talent.
  • Ensure exceptional service and creative design solutions defined by each client’s unique needs.
  • Work closely with clients in the technology, professional services, financial and consumer brand industries to grow our networks and leverage our expertise.
  • Work with clients across Canada, though our head office in Toronto ON, and offices in Vancouver, BC and Halifax, NS.

Ourselves / Our Clients

SGH Design Partners is a place where people like to come to work. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about creative design solutions and high-quality service delivery of our projects. We work in a supportive team environment that fosters continuous learning and provides growth and development of all staff. We provide excellent services to our clients to meet their unique design needs, on time and on budget and receive glowing testimonials and referrals that keep our office busy with work that we enjoy and is profitable. SGH and our relationships with our clients are all of this, and more:

Team Members

Collectively the Leadership Team see the qualities of Our Ideal Team Member represented by these key attributes. The emphasis on team members who are: collaborative, self-motivatied, dependable, and have a positive attitude provide direction on where SGH can provide on-the-job training, mentorship and coaching support to strengthen the project teams, and overall staff environment.

Team Leaders

Collectively the Leadership Team see the qualities of Our Ideal Team Leader represented by these key attributes. The emphasis on team members who are: organized, approachable, and have a positive attitude provide direction on where SGH can focus on immediate on-the-job training, mentorship, and coaching support to strengthen the leadership teams skills and talents, and overall project delivery.


Common objectives and collaboration are some of the ingredients that shape our Studio. We are keen on collaboration, sharing of knowledge to bring forward a leadership model that focuses on sharing experience.

Our studio is innovative and energetic, structured yet has a lot of personality. Each and every individual contributes with unique ideas, enthusiasm delivering fully engaged in every aspect of the projects.


The Partners at SGH, John Tanfield and Monika Sarkisian, lead from a design background and are able to provide objective direction in the Studio. Each is unique, passionate and share the responsibility of a creative and every changing industry. Both Partners are open and always connected to each project, and care about the outcome. Our relationships with each client and our industry is always our first priority.

“we are big enough to exceed your
needs and small enough to care”
– SGH Design Partners


We love design! Our design methodology pushes research to give each project a new perspective and fresh approach.

  1. we’re versatile
  2. we have national reach
  3. we exceed expectations
  4. we’re responsive



Culture, care, create. These are the three SGH principles on which we define our behavior and design philosophy.

Our focus is to support a culture that provides an environment that fosters a balanced experience for everyone.

We care with passion and respect our clients, their need to be unique looking forward to what’s best suited for each client.

Our creativity stands on research and design thinking, looking at opportunities that shape the current and future workplaces.

“we create environments where
people do their best work”
SGH Design Partners

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